Sunday, October 22, 2006


For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

Jesus serves us in all our needs. But do we serve him. There are so many things that we do in our everyday life that we could be serving one another. But most of the time we think of our wants and needs. We tend to look away when we are uncomfortable, rather than take that extra step. I say this because, in my insecurities I too have done it. I should have stepped closer and reached out. It's in those moments when I no longer resemble Christ whom I base my life on, I have become a hypocrite then. I strive for a different type of perfection, yet I encounter flaws.

I remember when I was a kid; at recess we would form teams. As a young person I wanted to be chosen first, not out of popularity, but I was afraid I would be chosen last of all. It ended up that way anyway, I always ended up last. I didn't mind, since I had to realize that it was my fear. But it was also whose team I may have ended on. Was it the good team or the bad team. None of us were bad, but it was usually the teams that looked like misfits verses the one's with all looks and graces. As a kid this is silly, but as I write this, it is coming to mind.

I remember once how I wanted to sit up at a table close to the main guest, only to be moved. Talk about embarrassing! I did what the Gospels speaks about then, putting myself in a spot not reserved for me. I learned a good lesson that day. I'm not perfect, but when I make mistakes I learn from them.

When he points out something to learn, then I listen all the harder. Today's Gospel is a lesson in humility, I am humbled by his Word.

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