Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Memorial of Saint Cecilia

Luke 19:11-28

Some people could equate today's Gospel reading with money and how we could gain more of it or loose it. Since Jesus used parables to relate to them an idea of what he was getting at, he used money as his point. As in yesterday's reading about lukewarmness, do we use our faith for the greater glory of God's Kingdom? Or do we do nothing?

A strong faith in God and guaranteed it will prosper, but if we do nothing to make our faith more than it is we gain nothing. So when we do nothing to bring faith to others or to ourselves, we loose more and more of God's Kingdom.

Faith no matter how strong or weak, if we do not take care of it we eventually lose it. Just as Jesus pointed out with money, when we invest it we gain but when we hide our money so it will not grow we eventually lose it. Jesus put it best and no one can tell it like he does. All we can do is try to keep our faith alive to invest it in ourselves and most especially others so they will benefit.

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