Monday, July 30, 2007

Mustard Seed

Gospel of Matthew 13:31-35


Dear Father we are like the seeds that grow in your kingdom. We grow with your Word, we blossom and spread. We too are like the flowers in the fields where the seeds that are ready fall to the soil and begin to take root and the process begins anew. An ongoing process that continues to grow. Jesus gave us parables to help us understand what the kingdom of heaven is like and if anything it is a continual growth in faith. We nurture it, we are fruitful and the seeds are spread and planted. Just as leaven goes a long way. The mustard seed is small, but when it grows it becomes large.

Dear Father your kingdom is truly like a mustard seed, it is planted in us and it grows, where we become full of life. We are filled with you! What joy a heart knows when the reality of the mustard seed comes to blossom within us. How it takes root and grows, where you water it with your love. May we continue to grow in love and faith as a the mustard seed takes root and blossom into the Kingdom of God. Amen

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