Thursday, August 30, 2007

Keeping Watch

Watch ye therefore, because ye know not what hour your Lord will come. But know this ye, that if the goodman of the house knew at what hour the thief would come, he would certainly watch, and would not suffer his house to be broken open. Wherefore be you also ready, because at what hour you know not the Son of man will come. Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath appointed over his family, to give them meat in season.

Blessed is that servant, whom when his lord shall come he shall find so doing. Amen I say to you, he shall place him over all his goods. But if that evil servant shall say in his heart: My lord is long a coming: And shall begin to strike his fellow servants, and shall eat and drink with drunkards: The lord of that servant shall come in a day that he hopeth not, and at an hour that he knoweth not:

And shall separate him, and appoint his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Matthew 24:42-51 (Douay-Rheims)


Dear Father I would hope that all the years of my life have prepared me for your coming. I have fought the battle of sin while constantly keeping watch. How can that be possible to watch and pray and guard the heart all at the same time. Yet it was a lesson learned long ago to keep watch for when you would come to my heart. Dear Father your loving Son gave us a way to keep us ever watchful. One I am deeply thankful for, because it is through Him that our hearts are kept ever vigilant. We know not when you would come but can we say we are ready for you. A pleasure that is far beyond all pleasures when our Lord comes and pays our heart a visit. Let us look with honesty in our lives and in our hearts if we are prepared for the day when our Lord will come. Will he find our hearts clean and clear and full of love for Him. May we sweep out the sins of our life and prepare our hearts for his coming. Amen

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