Friday, December 14, 2007

Where Is the Wisdom

But whereunto shall I esteem this generation to be like? It is like to children sitting in the market place. Who crying to their companions say: We have piped to you, and you have not danced: we have lamented, and you have not mourned. For John came neither eating nor drinking; and they say: He hath a devil. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say: Behold a man that is a glutton and a wine drinker, a friend of publicans and sinners. And wisdom is justified by her children.
Matthew 11:16-19 (Douay-Rheims Bible)

Prayer Reflection

Dear Father are we ever satisfied in our lives that we often complain about each other. They complained about John saying he had a devil, they complained about Jesus because he ate and drank with sinners. The same can be said about us too then, if we dine with sinners we too are labeled one. Don't we label the rich and famous, the politicians, the clergy. From one bad apple we label the whole lot as bad without seeing the good in the rest. There is goodness in all of us, even when some made bad choices and caused a bad reflection on themselves. Where is our wisdom then. Because God forgives from His heart whereas we do not. We don't see their heart like God does, we only see the surface of their life.


Anonymous said...

i'm terrible for criticising others..a very bad habit..that i'm working on!

Marie Cecile said...

I'm not judging you jackie, I have my own bad habits too, like you said I'm working on them too. None of us are perfect, we are human after all. God love you!