Saturday, March 22, 2008


While I was doing the reflections for the stations of the cross, the words "I can only imagine" came across several times and also a few days before. For some reason the Holy Spirit has it's purpose in this regard. When I went in search of the lyrics I came across this youtube video of a father and son. I cried watching this as I thought how very much Jesus is right there too. I can only imagine in the very depths of my heart the suffering he went to save us. Those four words, I can only imagine, spoke volumes. Now on Holy Saturday, one can only imagine the depths he has gone for us as he lies in the darkness awaiting the morning light. When watching the video, think about how Jesus is the Father and we are the one he is doing everything for. Truly it is this way and it takes Jesus to push us, to carry us, to hold us close as we journey in our life. I can only imagine the depths of love he has for us to go to such lengths to show us his love

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