Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Dies On the Cross

The Twelfth Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus dies on the cross. We see you up on the wooden cross we have made to crucify you. Yet while you were there you forgave us for committing this cruel act. How many have gone to their death and done this to those who punished them, probably not many as we know of. You teach us the art of forgiveness. Let us now take a moment of silence to honor the hour of death Jesus died out of love for us. This was truly an act of love for his Father and for all of us. He would do it again in order for us to understand the depths of love he has in his heart. How can we not be moved by this knowledge and find in our hearts the ability to love others as you love us. Not only that but to love God first as you love him.

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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