Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm (Passion Sunday)

USCCB, Palm Sunday Readings

Prayer Reflection

Today's Gospel reading gives so much thought about what Jesus is all about. It's hard when reading this encounter to not feel anything at all for what Jesus went through for us. Most of us read books everyday that relate experiences of others, some fictional some true to life. We cry at moments that touch us deeply when we read of the sorrow and loss in a story. Or we laugh with joy when we read of wonderful happenings, such as love when a woman finds that one man that touches her heart in those romance novels and we cry with them when they have problems. But for us when we read of Jesus' life and all that he went through to bring us closer to his Father, to give us healing and love, we sometimes are so untouched by what we read or hear at Mass. I have to think about the movie that was made about this Passion Jesus underwent, that showed us in images how much he did go through. There weren't too many dry eyes either. One has to ask did it bring a change into the lives of those who watched it? When we go through it this day, is our heart open to the Word and as Jesus is led on the path laden with palms to begin His suffering. We forget that throughout His whole ministry he suffered in a different way to bring us His Father's message of love and healing. This is a profound reading of a life that is going to be sacrificed in order for us to know of this great love. Would we do the same to bring a message of love for mankind?


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for that thoughtful meditation..

Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Jackie!