Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is now the second week of the second term for school. The lessons are all different this time too. I find it difficult at one of them, because I have a habit of typing with one finger on both hands. It's called the lazy way of typing. Anyway I am now practicing what I am typing as I sit here attempting to not be a lazy typist; tough habit to break. As with anything we do in life it takes practice to see the results. You could say the same goes for prayer, when we practice to pray from our hearts the easier it gets. When we practice our faith the easier it is to walk the path we are called to follow. When we choose to follow God's word and practice imitating Jesus, the more we are able to walk that narrow path of holiness that we are all called to live. Practicing the virtues of God is not easy, but you know what, it gets easier as you become better acquainted with God's humbling ways. I think the best way to describe following a path of God's is to imagine a narrow path in the woods with no room to move but forward. All around you are many temptations that halt your progress. There are bushes filled with fruit to tempt you, or to fill you. If you eat of the fruit for the sake of God's life giving sustenance you will always be on the path, but if you choose the tempting part of the fruit you end up off the path on the other side where it is hard to find the path. Imagine walking the tempted path and discover you no longer want the fruit, it has become bitter, you will be amazed to discover an opening that will let you back onto the path you originally were on. The more you practice your faith and virtues the easier it is to go along the path. God Bless all of you

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