Saturday, December 31, 2005

Give Thanks

Do any of us ever wonder what the Throne of God looks like, other than it's description in Revelation. What would it be like to be up close and personal with the Throne of God and the Lamb. Are we worthy enough to approach this mighty Throne? Have we done all we can for the Glory of God's Kingdom? Or have we given more honor to the darkness?
When we approach the Eucharist, the source of life, imagine this as the very Throne of God and the Lamb. To be worshipped, praised and exulted. God gave us his only Son, the Light of the World, in the Eucharist as a reminder that he is with us always until the end of time. His very throne on earth. What a very loving act God has done for us, so we may approach his very throne via the Eucharist.

On one of the pictures I took, I was allowed to have the great honor of seeing this Throne and the Lamb. I live in awe of God and the graces he gives. His great Light is Love, and it is what we all seek. Is there anyone out there who does not seek love? God's love is different because it is pure, just as the snow makes the earth look after it covers the darkness of the ground. Because his love is pure he asks each of us to purify our hearts. Start the new year with a renewed heart with a greater faith that God's light will shine. God Bless

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