Saturday, December 31, 2005

An Ending

We have come to the end of the year already. We have witnessed a lot during this year, from disasters that brought much devastation to a response in unity. We are witnesses in a world filled with much darkness, that only with the Birth of our Lord can true light fill it. This ending is a beginning for the Light of God to shine if we allow him to come into our lives. I think for some there is much sadness that this year disappeared so quickly, to not having accomplished what they would have liked to. I think much of the sadness is our slow response to God's call. How in his many ways, he has, during this year attempted to reach us. It should not take devastation and loss for us to reach out to our Heavenly Father. If anything we should all be making a point to reach out to everyone, not sitting behind brick walls. But unfortunately we have become a society that groups ourselves into categories. Rich=don't come near unless your one of us. Middle class=we could go either way depending on our fortune, preferrably upper. Poor=come near, help, but leave them in the dirt. Then it's the other society's if you do not belong or have money = don't bother us. None of this is what Jesus taught us. We have built so many walls to keep so many out, and the door is so very narrow to allow many in. We have become our own gods. Only Jesus who was sent to us is one with the Father of all and he is the Way, the Truth, and the Light of the World. God's light is Eternal.

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