Friday, December 30, 2005

Holy Family

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. So we can understand the importance of family, God gave us his Son in the flesh. To plant a tiny seed within a human womb to bring forth life. To show us that life in all it's glory is important to him.

He chose a special woman to be his mother, as well as a special man to be his father on earth. God not only gave us a Savior he gave us a way of life to follow. By showing us how a family should be. A family of faith, a family of love, a family of respect.

Why did God do this if it wasn't for our benefit. Why did he show us the process of birth, and the stages of growing up within a family all about then. Is it just possible that he knew how we would treat each other as families today. How we marry and divorce, create and destroy a life. How we at times push our children aside for our own selfish pleasures. Where faith has a small part because we don't want to be reminded how much we don't value our own family.

When Jesus was young he went through the process of growing up. He went to Temple, he was given his lessons, even though He is from God, he needed to go through all that to learn, to become strong physically, as well as spiritually, to teach us. This was to give us a way of learning. Without learning about faith, we have none. It's a shame when Parents don't teach their children about faith. It's a shame when we don't practice our faith as our Holy Family so lovingly show's us. Faith is the foundation of a family, as well as the foundation of life.

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