Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yesterday I was thinking about all the rules and regulations we all have to adhere to that our government, state, local give us. What brought that about was a red light I was waiting at. While waiting I happened to notice how we all seem to hurry to catch the light when it's green, then yellow, and red too. How we break the laws just going through the red light because we are not patient enough to sit for a minute. In that moment what we are doing is jeopardizing our lives and the lives of others, because we could not follow a law.
The same goes for speed limits, do we actually do them? What law that has been provided for us have we not broken. After all Our Founding Father's in this country have modeled the many laws we have from the Ten Commandments. Those laws are to guide us in a safe way to live, because we as people do just as we please.
So if we can constantly break daily laws in our government, state and local system, how are we able to keep God's laws? How are we to live a moral, honest life then. Somewhere out of all these rules there has to be a lesson to teach us and finally we learn the value of those lessons. No one is exempt from this, because we all manage to drive too fast, we break a law, and so on.

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