Thursday, December 15, 2005

Today turned out to be a wonderful day, the sky was clear and blue with hardly a cloud to be seen. I set off to go in search of a few things, what I found was a Christ water globe, that looks like it's on top of a chalice. So I took this to the register and I ended up having a great conversation with the cashier about God. She also wished me a Merry Christmas, it was heartwarming to know that there are people out there who do not want to see Christ in Christmas gone. This was the start of my day filled with surprises. When I left the store, it was even more amazing to see was a perfectly shaped cross in the sky, absolutely breathtaking. That was a moment I would have liked to have my camera on hand. Well from there I decided to go to Saint Joseph's Abbey, and spent sometime in quiet solitude. From there I went to Saint Anne's Shrine, to see what I may find at the gift shop for a gift. After browsing and not coming up with any idea what to get, I left and started to head for home. What a ride home that was, the sky was white, the sun very bright, with a rainbow around it. What was awesome to see was the sides where light eminated from two points on both sides of the sun from the edge of the rainbow. This is one picture I would really have liked to have taken even more so. I could barely see the top and bottom of the rainbow, but the spectacular parts were the edges. When I arrived home I shot into the house to get my camera, the sky was getting cloudier. I had to leave to go to an area where I could get a picture without trees and power lines in the way. Anyway I did manage to get one, not as vibrant, but visible. This is the picture I took when the sky became cloudier and darker, the brilliance of the emanating light is not as strong.
I always become awed by the power of God and how he manifest's so much to show us his love.

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