Monday, December 19, 2005

Noticing the Unusual

It's so nice outside today, the sun is shinning. I decided to take my walk when I took a break from studies, so while I was out there it started to snow. At one point I stopped and looked up at the sky with amazement and laughter in my heart. God never ceases to bring awe to any day we live. To see it snow with hardly any clouds and the sun shinning is a good example of God doing things to bring us closer to him when we notice everything that is done for our benefit. All too often we complain about the weather, it's too cold, it's too hot, when don't we complain! God is delightful, he charms us with the weather, with the wonders of the sky. God does everything imaginable for us in the weather. Did you ever wonder why He does that? I would say it's one of his ways for us to notice him, since we aren't very observant about other things he does for us. Imagine just taking a walk and the sun is nice and warm, it's refreshing, it's soothing, but your mind is on stuff, on worries, and all of a sudden it rains on you. What do most of us do? Run for cover, naturally. But what do we really do? In our thoughts and sometimes not so much in our thoughts but from our mouths we swear. We get upset because it ruined our bliss. So much for that bliss, it wasn't really. You just happened to get showered on to wake you up from your worries, to take your mind off your troubles, God was letting you know he is with you in those moments. But, did you think of Him in a nice way and not curse Him for raining on you.
Some of the most wonderful gifts God gives us is the little surprises in the weather for us to see that he is there with us. It's just up to us to see with eyes that have been given a chance to see.
God Bless

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