Monday, December 19, 2005

Spectacular Lights

Around three in the afternoon on Friday I felt compelled to go to La Salette Shrine in Attleboro, Mass. Just the weekend before my Parish had a shopping trip and visit to the Shrine for their lighting displays.
Anyway through the years my family would go to see the Christmas lights. This year they are absolutely beautiful, the joy that permeates the very air is vibrant. The Holiness of the Shrine is felt within one's being, you can't help but smile, when walking around the Rosary Pond, and the Way of the Cross. This year I was astounded by the beauty and love that encompasses the Shrine. It was well worth risking the weather and the travel to go and see.
For me through the years I had on and off gone to the Shrine in New Hampshire, I think it had to do with the Mountains. Everytime I went I always left with peace within my soul. I never went to any Shrine for healing, which is pretty much why most do go to them for. I always went for some reason to seek and to renew. Sometimes we seek and never find what we are looking for, it's often times when we are not seeking that we truly find. Sometimes we come to an understanding of a special gift that we are not certain why we have it. God's Word is this way, it reveals much about love and faith.

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