Friday, December 09, 2005

Our Beautiful World

It's absolutely beautiful outside, where it all looks so clean and fresh. It looks so pure outside, no blemishes, no upheaval of the earth can be seen. The timing is perfect, to remind us to purify our hearts. The winter has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Especially when it snows, it always brings to mind the many times as a kid I would lay in the snow and make a snow angel. I used to have fun trying to get up off the ground without marring the angel I just made, that was tough. Every now and then as I grew up I would have this urge to make an angel in the snow. Those were the times when I let go of all my cares. When I think back on those years and those times I smile, because that is where I am today. I let go of all my cares because they are shared with our Lord. It is in those times when we let go of our control and we relax enough to let joy into our hearts. What a way to let God in.

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