Sunday, December 11, 2005

Third Sunday of Our Advent Journey

A man named John was sent from God. He came for testimony, to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him. (NAB) John 1:6-7

John's testimony of the light of God's word is powerful enough that we still hear it today. He was given a special mission to prepare the way, to announce the Lord's coming. Imagine being specially chosen by God to be the announcer of the coming of the Lord. It is one that John embraced with all his heart. His servitude to God was to do his will, to give witness, to testify, to proclaim, the light of the way. We can do that as children of God, since we have been baptized by water. We are also part of God's plan to go out and testify to the light of God's word. So how come we are silent about speaking God's word. We believe in God's word don't we? Are we just passers-by, pass it to another to do for us. We are given God's word when we go to Church, we are not ashamed to go and hear his word. Is it possible we are ashamed to be known as one of God's children. Afraid that others who don't know about him will be offended. We are at a point today that we have become all to happy to shut people off because we are offended by their beliefs. Or is it that we are just selfish, so we attempt any means to shut people up because it's not what we want to hear or see. Your offended because I'm Catholic, your offended because I'm Jewish, your offended because I'm something that you don't like. So we go around trying to wipe out what we all stand for, HUMANITY. No one is tolerant of each others thoughts, beliefs, or just being. We have become children without any light, without respect for each other.

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