Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Third Wednesday of Our Advent Journey

The disciples of John told him about all these things. John summoned two of his disciples and sent them to the Lord to ask, "Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?
(NAB) Luke 7:18-19

I think many of us ask this of Jesus also. Is he the one that was sent to save us. When we have so much to be thankful for we don't question Jesus. It's as if when we encounter struggles and doubt, that seems to be the time we call or think of our Father. John the Baptist saw first hand the Spirit of God descend upon Jesus, yet he doubted by questioning if Jesus was the one to come. Even though he had heard about the many things Jesus was doing for others. John was a strong preacher for God's Kingdom, but in a moment of weakness he doubted. He looked for reassurance in those moments, just as we do today. We don't see Jesus in the human form but we do see him in the Bread of the Holy Eucharist. He is with us in the Consecrated Bread, performing miracles through this Divine mystery. We doubt his presence in this mystery too. So whether we see or not, we question. When we see miracles we question. When we see the impossible we question. When don't we question.

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