Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This is a picture of the Blessed Sacrament at another Parish. I took this with the same camera as I took with the others. Only I just realized something very significant, I was checking to see if this camera had a problem, because I was getting images. I just realized the Truth, those images I have are very real, it is not from the camera or else this picture would have them on it too. I sit here with tears in my eyes for my obstinate nature. As I profess to my loving God my undying love, I looked with eyes of love and never realized the importance of how deeply he loves. Sometimes it takes awhile for his gift of love to make itself known in a deep and profound way. When he calls our hearts to him, do we turn away with indifference, or do we shy away because we often times deem ourselves unworthy. God loves us whether we are sinners or saints. Believe me knowing he loves us and wants us in spite of a sinful past, should have our hearts rejoicing for only God in his Goodness could transform us from sin. In all honesty my heart belongs to God and always will, deep within my soul I gladly accept God's gracious hand. I pray others will embrace the love God has for us. God is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament please go to him and place yourselves into his loving hands.

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