Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Beginning Mystery

We are now in Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Calendar, but the beginning mystery of Jesus' teaching is far from ordinary. What we will begin to see is the extraordinary. The ministry began with the selection of the Apostles, to be witnesses for the proclamation of God's word, in order for the truth to be revealed. How fortunate for us that we are the recipients of receiving these words today. It was his time to fulfill the prophecy that the "Kingdom of God is at hand," Mk 1:15, in order for us to believe in God's saving grace.

Next we begin witnessing his teaching of God's word in the Temple, along with the beginning mystery of healing. His first example of unclean spirits happen to have been in the synagogue, where you would think no evil spirit would go. His rebuking of the unclean spirit to leave the man shows us deliverance from evil. We also witness in this testimony, that the unclean spirits knew who Jesus is, "The Holy One of God" Mk 1:24.

The word provides for us a starting point to go by, to cleanse ourselves of evil. Even when we think we are not, in the recesses of our heart do we hide sins. We often go to God's house with this within us, not realizing how much evil we bring to his home. Jesus was given to us to bring to light where we err, to show us the way to cleanse ourselves, so when we enter into God's house to receive him, we may be free of evil.


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

And, cleansed of sin, more capable of loving God and our neighbor for His sake - CCC, 1822.

God love you Sister!

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Paul,

It is for His sake that we are here writing.

God loves you too Paul