Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Divine Pruning

This afternoon I went outside to take a walk, encountering quite a bit of warm wind, very windy, then some rain. I couldn't help but think about the many branches I pulled off the driveway, and the clean up. Then I put my thoughts upon our Lord, about the purpose of the many dead branches that are now off the trees and on the ground. I realize something in the way of His pruning not just us but what grows around us to prepare for new growth. Sometimes there are areas where no one can reach to help prune, and that is where Divine help comes in. Then I thought to myself what a magnificent way to show an example of His love. I had to ask myself if it is possible if I need more pruning to bring myself more fully to God and His plans. Is it possible that I need new growth, just like the trees. If we bring ourselves closer to God we will see His ways in a new and fascinating light. Today I discovered pruning in a new way, I discovered that he downed dead branches to supply fire wood. Dead trees were felled to make way for new one's. Power outage, should that happen, should help us to realize that we need more quiet time with God and our families.

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