Sunday, January 29, 2006

Forever Forgiven

In today's Gospel we find Jesus teaching in the synagogue and rebuking evil spirits. Today is different because we have learned from Jesus through his teaching on that day.

He has passed down to us the teaching of his love, to show us the way, to bring us out of darkness. My God, what love you have for us to give us your son. What we have been learning from him ever since that wondrous day, where the people were in awe.

Even the evil spirits knew, with the coming of Jesus, their time would be short for they knew he was the one who can destroy them, after all they said "You are the Holy One of God."

The more I think on this the more I am glad I follow Jesus. There is no life when we follow evil, we only find death, the death of our souls. It is all the more important that Jesus was at the synagogue teaching. It is all the more important to reveal his cleansing over the evil in peoples hearts and souls.

That is why today we have the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation, where his legacy of forgiveness lives on. To enable us to receive him with clean hearts when we partake of his gift of the Eucharist.

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