Sunday, January 29, 2006

Only For You Father

My love I give to you
where I render myself
completely yours.

Each day you unfurl
another petal to reveal
a hidden treasure.

As time has gone by
more and more I see
the glory of you.

You not only reveal
a beautiful treasure
that was buried deep

You allowed me to
hear your word
when it is spoken
through others.

Your song of love
has lifted my soul
higher than anything
that will ever rise.

You have taught me
to love with all my

You have given me
more than life, you
have given me your

The moments that I
feel lost you are
with me more than ever.

From the slightest
touch of a warm breeze
that lift my spirit anew.

How you go out of
your way to let me
know of your love.

No gratitude or
thankfulness is ever

One thing that I
can always give is
my undying love
that I have had for
you all my life.

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