Saturday, January 28, 2006

Be Still

Today we are shown a remarkable example of the truth about Jesus. How he sets about calming our storms in our lives. Are we just as terrified of knowing the truth about Jesus, that he is the son of God.
How much more do we need! Just as the apostles were afraid to perish, so are we, at times we forget to call upon Jesus, to calm our turbulent lives. We say we follow Jesus, yet we do not have any love in our hearts for all who we come in contact with. We bring about turbulence in others lives by constantly rejecting those who we associate with. It's called we don't know you syndrome, we're ashamed that we know you syndrome, we say hello, but when we approach you, you back away syndrome. This all shows no love for our neighbors, this brings turbulence into others lives, where those whose faith is weak call upon our Lord.
We would all have faith, if only we did our part, by being still, knowing that Jesus is with us always. God Bless


Paul Anthony Melanson said...

What a beautiful thought. And how true. Jesus has told us who our neighbor is. Now we must strive to be like the Good Samaritan and show love and compassion for our neighbor.

Marie Cecile said...

Paul your also right, we do need show love of neighbor, it must be visible in our actions.