Friday, January 27, 2006

Seeds of Faith

In today's Gospel of Mark 4:26-34, we are given the parable of the kingdom of God, where Jesus uses seeds as his point. He tells us how a seed that grows by day and night knows not how it has on its own accord yielded fruit. Then he goes on to another parable of the mustard seed, how when it is sown grows to be the largest of plants. How from this parable the kingdom of God is compared to one of the tiniest seeds.

In my life I can easily compare what the seed has done. From birth to baptism, the seed of faith has been planted. Through the years God nurtured my every moment of growth, even when I didn't know it. That emcompassed the times I struggled with my faith when I was asleep, he continued to prune and water me, when those times brought small deaths to my growth. The kingdom of God flourished with his constant care, to bring me ever closer in my faith in him.

The faith that sprouts from the size of a mustard seed developes into a magnificent plant, where faith grows and nurtures. The kingdom of God is this that grows to encompass all, where the seed falls on good soil it will bring forth a new life, a more abundant fruit. God Bless

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