Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Simple is Best

I found often it's the simple that's the best way after all. I started this blog to do something for God with God. Then I found after settling down, I was able to read many blogs that give a wealth of faith. As you go around you tend to notice certain ones are always there. I suppose that's good. For me, I am different and I don't write about the sweet way of things seen, I voice it as the Father wishes it to be. So after a while I began to change things on here and found myself, looking to be like the others. Then I realized I am not like them nor will I ever be. I was not following what I usually do. And I too found I was drawn to a few, and couldn't wait to read what was there. My error, because I was not doing God's work, I was seeing where I faltered. So I again, with the right intentions set to work on cleaning out what does not belong. This is how I got by all my life was nipping in the bud anything that caused any part of me to die. That is how I realized how God shaped me as a person, like me or not this is who I am, one of God's instruments.

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