Tuesday, January 24, 2006

His Will

If we are doing God's will we are guaranteed to be Jesus' brother, sister and mother. I like that, knowing that I have a brother such as Jesus, someone who I can rely on to always be there. God sent Jesus to us to be just that for us. Someone we can rely on, when at times our own families: church communities, friends, coworkers, often fail us. How do they fail us, by segregating themselves, (the list is a long one), an example would be, a minister who helps in a church, but when spoken to, never answers. The impression is one that they are better than us, but no one is better than God, and to do his will is to have love of neighbor for all, who we come in contact with. This is to be what Jesus refers to as being his brother, sister and mother. It's not selective. Yet that is what we do in todays society where so much of the world imposes itself on us, and where we choose to answer and not answer, where each one of us acts as if we are better than each other. For shame on us then, because each of us has God within us, and each time we do that to another we put God to death more and more, all the while proclaiming we are his followers.

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