Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Silent Prayer of Unity


Where do I begin!

I sit here with you uppermost in my thoughts, wondering why I feel lost amid this huge world. Wondering where I am headed. Are the answers really all up to me. I often put you always as first in the guidance of my life, it is when I didn't, that I failed myself and you especially. Father in my smallness how do I share the wealth of your love, when I feel sometimes helpless.

When I come to you unburdening myself, by kneeling at your feet and asking to help so many, as well as laying my own follies at your feet. It's a wonder that you don't just pitch us all into nothingness, for our constant disregard to your will.

Father, hear my heart, but more importantly help me to hear your heart beat within my own heart, so that our hearts may beat together united for all eternity. I pray in silence for the droplets that fall from my eyes are a silent plea of love to you, that your presence in my life will be all that you ask of me and more.

Father, you once allowed me to know the beauty of our hearts in unisom, I pray to you today that more hearts will know of the same joy I felt when are hearts were joined. Father that was a beautiful day you gave me to know of a love so true and rare. It is one we all seek in you Father.

Today I pray for the unity of the world, that in the many hearts that beat may the joy of your love dwell within. When unity of a heart with God's, brings peace, joy and the most amazing love we will ever know. Amen


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