Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Your Gift

I was going through some stuff that I have that needed sorting, and I found a misplaced prayer card entitled "Your Gift" by Paul F. Malinowski.

If ever you doubt your course in life
Here's a thought to give you a lift:
To help you along the way
The Lord has given you a gift

He has given you a talent -
Though in some areas you may lack
There is a skill at which you excell
One thing for which you've a knack

Your gift may not be evident yet
Your ability may seem unclear
But the Lord will make it plain
Soon your gift will appear

Your talent might look unimportant
It may not bring fortune or acclaim
But if you use it wisely
God's favor will be your fame

Stay on the path you've chosen
From God's direction do not drift
In life you do not walk unarmed
For God has given you a gift.

This little prayer card I purchased close to ten years ago. It has somehow been in hiding all these years. There are times in our lives when we seem to need a little help in knowing where our talents are. Some instinctively know, while others are guided for a purpose unknown to them. I can relate to that, everytime I seem to think I know my purpose, or my gift, I am humbled, because I end up back to my littleness, for it is God's purpose, God's gifts. All that we are comes from Him.

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