Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hunger for Salvation

In today's Gospel of Mark 3:7-12 we are seeing the huge amount of people coming to be cured, to see the one whom all the miracles are attributed. Even the ones who are possessed of demons are there , for they know who Jesus is more than the people do.
We don't have this today, people flocking to see Jesus, to be healed. Our Churches are slowly emptying, and that is where Jesus is, celebrated daily in the Eucharistic celebration.
Sundays have been given to us for a reason where we meet Jesus and reside in Him, but most of us stay in bed, go to sport outings, or other events that have nothing to do with Jesus.
Yet Jesus waits patiently along the shore for us to come near. He has given us a great huge house to go to, to come and be with him. So why is his house slowly being emptied? Are we giving Satan more credit than Jesus? It seems so, doesn't it. In Jesus time people were hungry for salvation, are we?

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