Friday, January 20, 2006

The Twelve

Well one thing is certain, this round of finals is over, Praise God. I'm just sorry that at the last eight minutes of typing up in my own words the definitions to keywords was marred by my classmates asking me questions, I have no clue as to what since they were done with their test. In a moment of stress I snapped a little to them to let me finish my test. Yikes, not good of me at all, I did apologize though. Any way, my insensitivity to their need went unheard as I was immersed in my own agenda. So in a way I did not hear their call. Today I reflect on the Gospel of Mark and his calling the Twelve on the mountain side. For them to go out and Preach God's word and to expel demons. I sit here with God uppermost in my thoughts yet I don't know where my vocation is. For me discerning has been a difficult road. I say yes with all my heart, yet I don't move. God's Spirit moves me and I obey. Then I wonder what is it I'm doing wrong. Yet it is God whom I answer to, who I follow with all my heart. It is to him I pledge my loyalty. In my heart I hear his call of love, to do what he seeks of me, to learn of his ways, of his love, of his divine guidance. I am dust, but in God's hand he watered me and formed me to be his. He does this with all of us, the forming of man, as clay, we are his and always will be. The chosen Twelve are the foundation of God's church, molded as clay, to do his will on earth.

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