Saturday, January 14, 2006

Legacy of Love

In todays Gospel we have been given two things to ponder, one is the very act to follow him and the other is of healing. We read about the twelve who when called, chose to answer, by following our Lord. To learn a way of life that will build what we have learned to follow today. These specially chosen Apostles were given the ground work, as witnesses of God's word, and the work of his Son to give us a faith to live by. These men who walked with Jesus left a legacy of love through our Church, for us. What a beautiful gift we have. Thankfully many have heard the call and responded, to keep the legacy of God's love always with us.

Next we have another example of God's saving grace, that of saving those who have become lost in a life of sin. I believe I mentioned it before about this, about how those who are faithful need no healing because they have kept their life in Christ. We often hear about this in our Homilies too. We don't choose God, he chooses us. He seeks the one's that have been lost to him. If we aren't lost then we don't need finding, do we? Jesus came to bring us back home to his Father. In a sense the righteous want more of Jesus, which is understandable, after all he gives love. I think, most of us pretty much want more of what he gives so freely.

Todays Gospel is from Mark 2:13-17

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