Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let Us Listen With Our Hearts

It is now a little past 7 p. m., and I had gone to Mass at 5 p.m., because of the snow storm this morning it was not good for driving. Anyway, I was just sitting here and I happen to have started to recall Christmas eve. Todays first reading brought this to mind about Samuel hearing his name being called from a sound sleep. This is what made me recall the eve of Christmas at my brothers home. I happen to have been sitting at the foot of my nephews girlfriend, when I heard my name being called, so I turned around to ask who called. It sounded so very close, that I thought it came from the person behind me. I was told no one called me. This happened three times too. It's strange how these things happen. Because it caused me to say out loud what, what. I'm laughing now because I understand something wonderful happened that night. How often are we called and no one is around, and just pass it off as a fleeting fancy, to not recognize God is at work in those moments. How many of us just shrug it off, eh it wasn't important, but then again it was, now wasn't it. Todays reading happens to be one those readings, that when we listen with our hearts we will understand how God is moving in our lives.

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