Friday, February 10, 2006


Father you have given me a special ability to love and to reveal this love for you to others. Today I read in the Gospel of Mark 7:31-37, the healing of a deaf and mute person, who Jesus told not to say anything. I can understand those who have been healed would love more than anything to bring this gift they received to others, so they too may also be healed. I also understand how when we are asked not to say anything, we go and do the opposite, sometimes causing harm. We see this today in those we associate with, when we ask for them not to say anything, yet off we go to the next person we see, to reveal what we were asked not to. Whether it is for the good or bad, we have not done as was requested of us. Those in the Gospel we see did a good revealing, but in doing this, they brought the end of Jesus much sooner. Do we often wonder why they were all told not to say anything. It seems Jesus knew our natures better than we do. We have a habit of doing the opposite of what is asked of us, especially from God. He asks us to love our neighbor, yet we hate them. He gave us a great gift to love as he loves, but we love selfishly. Suppose he told us to go about hating others, I wonder if we would do exactly as asked then. It seems so much easier to hate, than to love. It seems so much easier to do the opposite of what God asks of us. There are many lessons Jesus teaches us, it is up to us to hear and speak of those lessons as God intended.

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