Thursday, February 09, 2006

An Answer

Jesus you have given us so much of yourself to restore us to life in God. We read about the many accounts of healings, demon possessions that are removed, all to restore a loss of faith. How in our neediness, we forget that you need, in your human form to have time for yourself also. To do what we all take for granted, the ability to wash our bodies, wash our clothes, eat without interruption. Yet we witness again your unconditional love by showing us again that all who come knocking they will be answered. Even when you need time to yourself, your love shows us the gift of yourself. How we need to learn from you Jesus, to be patient with those who come knocking at our doors in need of our help, as you have just shown us.
I think we tend to not answer the door, the phones when someone is in need of our help. Sometimes Father we say things to others and never follow through, not realizing we hurt you in the process. How sometimes we are purposefully in avoiding people who are less fortunate, or do not rank as we do, yet you show us today that when you needed time alone, you gave of yourself with love to another, you did not grouch about it, send them away, but sought from them a just answer. That all are fed, even the animals, amazing, such a simple answer could restore life.

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