Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our Thoughts

Today I understand that all that I think can be detrimental, to my soul. You have given me much to guard my soul, Dear Father. That my thoughts of uncharitableness can cause me to commit evil. That if I think about stealing , I commit evil in my thought. Should I think about deceiving in my thoughts how I commit evil. Father through your Son you have given us a way to guard our souls from evil. That there are so many things one can think of that causes us to commit evil, because it causes more harm than good to our souls. Little did we know that our thoughts are not always on the path of holiness as you try hard to teach us. We commit so much evil in our thoughts on a daily basis, each time we encounter strife, hatred. How many of us have tempered our thoughts to keep the Word of God safe within us. To guard against our thoughts is difficult, where our conscience is always guiding us as to know the difference in good thought, verses evil. It is the Word of God that gives us life to follow a path that is lived in union with the Father, it is the Wisdom of the Father revealed through his Son.

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