Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clean Us Lord

I sit here pondering my clean hands, and how this ritual has been passed down to all generations for a different purpose than what it was intended. Today we wash ourselves for hygiene, more than for the cleansing ritual of making ourselves pure.

Jesus comments about paying lip service, he's right. We as a whole tend to follow rules in the way we see it, as we want to follow them. We do the rituals, the traditions, so forth, but we do not change how we are, this is how we pay lip service. We bathe for the fact of not being a stinky person, but all the while we are rotten inside. I'll help you, but while I'm helping you, you are putting a knife within my back, how we use people to benefit ourselves, we give lip service, all the while not following what is asked of us to love our neighbor. Do we say we help but just say it to console. How often do we truly help the poor, do we provide them with jobs, or just feed them, to sustain them for another day, where they have to steal to survive. Is this the lip service we give to those less fortunate. We condemn them because that's where we put them, the sin is ours, not theirs, we are paying lip service for the very fact that we say we help without helping.

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