Sunday, February 05, 2006

Doing God's Will

Yesterday, was a tad odd, it started out as usual, I wrote and published for this blog. Then I kept having this notion to go to the Marian Shrine, in Stockbridge, Ma. So off I went after discerning it being that of God's will. Which it was because while I was a chapel, it came to me again. So after lunch off I went. I arrived in time to go to confession, and go to Mass. I think the whole purpose of this was to learn something new. Father Michael gave an excellent homily, about loving those who are malformed, who have disfigurements of the body. It had basically to do with one of the saints that founded the Order, Saint Joan of Valois. There is a picture of her in the Church on the wall along with many other saints. It was an uplifting day, also spending time adoring our Lord in the Eucharist after Mass. Well anyway, after I went home, I ended up encountering a problem of not being able to access my blog, and when I finally could access my blog, yesterday mornings blog was not there. I learned a lesson, to save what I do write in case it becomes lost. I was able to find the missing piece but to see it literally disappear before my eyes as if it was being swallowed up. Whether by mans hands or Divine providence it was a trial for sure.

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