Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Healing Love of Jesus

Heavenly Father, once again you set out to show me the healing love of your son. His examples of restoring health to the sick, sight to the blind, healer of souls who were overtaken by evil, have shown me such a great love of humanity to do this for us. No where in all the written works has there been such a display of unconditional love, to restore us in body and soul. I see how Jesus goes off to be with you heavenly Father, to be close to you, where the demands we put on him are given to you. How he goes to you to restore his unfailing love. He has given us a wonderful example of offering ourselves to others as well as giving ourselves to you on a daily basis, where we can also unburden ourselves from the turmoil we encounter when we bring love to others who are wounded in body and spirit. Father you are the light of my soul, my will belongs to you, just as your son and the apostles have done your will, may I in my journey ever toward you, bring me ever closer, to your great love as Jesus brought his love to us

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