Sunday, February 12, 2006


The love of God is the greatest we will ever know. He gave us something extraordinary to see in the testimony of his Son and those who he has touched. Today we see in the first reading how a leper is to be proclaimed unclean, in the Gospel we witness Jesus healing a leper. One from the Old Testament and the other from the New Testament. Jesus has fullfilled a prophecy, that we are blind to see. He has come to bring salvation. That is why he requested the healed leper to go to the Priests to offer what is prescribed by Moses; for their proof.
I am thankful for Jesus' coming, for without him we have had no life. How it has taken so many prophets to bring to light the coming of Jesus to fullfill what has been God's plan. Do we wonder what his plan for us now is? I do, yet I also believe he is seeking much more from us than we are willing to give to him. It does seem that as we progress in time, we see the many changes in life to bear witness to the Gospels. Yet as time goes on the further it seems we go from God. we see the many things that call us to him, but we look away and continue on our own way.
I do admit my mistakes in life, I forgive myself, as God has forgiven me, it has taken me a hard long look at my errors and how I went wrong to correct my sins. All I can give is my testimony, that through the years when I screwed up, there was a very deep love for God, that saved me from falling into the very pits of hell. If there is anything out of this, it is how even when I did wrong there was always something right. Being kind to all who I encountered, loving those who I met, without prejudice. This is love of neighbor, accepting all irregardless of what they look like or their circumstances in life, or how they treat you. I did that and it took me a long time to realize that I did exactly that. There were things that I followed in my life that lead me to where I am, even when I was at odds with God. I never stopped loving him. God is my treasure, and I want to share this treasure with others.

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