Monday, February 13, 2006


Jesus today you sound so sad, such a big sigh was felt in your words, because the Pharisees were seeking a sign from you. Yet they refused to see by the many miracles you have been performing. Are we like this too, when you do things to get our attention. Do we doubt, the proof you so lovingly give us? Father I beg your forgiveness, for the many times you took the time to seek me, and I in my stubborn nature refused to see your hand in my life. Father I was a child, taking some of the smallest steps toward you, today I run with joy to you, knowing that all you have done during the course of the history of the world was to bring us to your loving arms. How you have given us more than enough proof in the Old as well as the New by giving us your own Son as the sign of signs. I for one believe this, and I pray there are more that do so also. That for us in our time we will be the one's to show you that faith in you is very alive. God Bless you all with a smile in your heart.


Janinine Skisses said...

Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your inspiring writting.