Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Special Blessed

Sunday I learned about a special soul and how this man lived his life living the Beatitudes. He died at the young age of 24. His name is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. I discovered how this young man had set out to bring his friends to faith, by having them do the Rosary with him, or be with him on a mountain top where a mass was said. He was very clever in that regard. Or challenge his friends, that should he win, they would have to go with him for an hour of Adoration. He won, they went. He is from a very wealthy family, so his influence was a good one to entice his friends. Even more remarkable was how he would use his time and money to feed and clothe the poor and sick. From what I understand of his life, his Grandmother was his influence in regards to his faith and how he lived attaining the Kingdom of God. In this century we have a very special Blessed, who also was a Third Order Dominican, that has showed us how to truly live the Beatitudes and live a Holy life, that it is possible to live in this way. This remarkable young man showed me that it's a very good way to live, the choice's I have made in my life to follow the Beatitudes, where sin and error have been a lesson and stepping stones to bringing me closer to God. Thank you Blessed Pier Giorgio for being a model for the young today to know that living by way of the Lord that it is the right way.

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