Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Special Thank You

Father little did I know the examples your son showed me, so that I may also accept my trials with patience and love. Today's reading was a bright example for me, to know that no matter what , when I encounter disbelief, to be as you have done. Be amazed by their lack of faith, to hand it to the Father, for it is through him that the hearts will be turned. That no matter what I say or do, will change them. Today I learned a deeper depth to patience. Father, in this day we have no patience, not in the way Jesus shows us. There are so many tempers out there, Dear Father, that in all honesty I can say it's amazing to see, how those tempers show how much they seek their own way, and not your way, which is patient in all things. Father, grant me in my smallness, a greater awareness of the value of patience, that I may practice it more diligently with all I may come in contact with.

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