Monday, February 20, 2006


Today's Gospel reminds me of the many times my unbelief must have exasperated you Jesus.
How at these times we show you our neediness, that only with you at the center of our lives is it possible to do the impossible. It is when we sin, our unbelief is all the more greater. Jesus came to restore us to a belief that is far greater than any we would ever know. This trust is what surpasses all possibilities, that we will be able to live fully in Him. How it is faith that restores us to you and restores you in our lives. When we grasp this then the exasperation we hear in the tone of your voice, in the words spoken in today's Gospel, will finally be turned to joy, for then we will have finally come to the realization that in you all is possible.
It is then that when we pray, we will see the many prayers answered, when they are prayed with absolute faith. God Bless You All with a smile in your heart.

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