Friday, February 03, 2006

Which Way

Today I am here, I thank you Lord for waking me up. You have given me a challenge today. Now I have to see why it came about. All morning long I kept thinking today was Saturday, when it is only Friday. If my meanderings don't make sense then you will understand how my day seemed to not make any sense either, that's why I kept thinking it was Saturday. I sit and laugh now because that peculiar notion is gone, finally. How is it that these things happen anyway? I call them mind blurbs, where we tend to be out of sequence. Or is it we become headless, when a moment in History we have learned of a beheading that took place. Just as John the Baptist's life came to an end in a gruesome way, all for the sake of fulfilling part of God's plan.We see a King who has been ensnared by evil, and John's preaching could not overcome it. As hard as John tried Herod could not convert, even when he had the chance. Because he chose to follow evil he removed, through the urgings of another, to remove the voice of the one who proded his conscience.How many of us do that today? Listen to others that tell us our Churches are no good, or following Jesus is not the way. If Jesus is not the way I would like to know whose way it is we are to follow, Man's? The Elite? The devil's? Our way? Yet these are what seems to be happening today. So very many are looking for Jesus and don't know how to find him, because we are all so misguided from so many deceptions. Just as Herodias and Salome deceived Herod into their way. When the voice of John came to his hearing, Herod was close to converting, and Herodias knew she was going to loose her place at court then. How deception is such a vile and evil deed.

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