Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday

My Lenten Reflection today has reminded me of where I came from and where I will be going. I received my ashes today, with the full knowledge of my beginnings, from dust I have come and from ashes do I return, for all that I am is a burnt offering. My sins, my sorrows, my joys, and my blessings are all offered.

In todays Gospel I reflected upon how your words have brought me to where I am today. How we are not to let our hands know when we are giving, how we are not to show we are openly praying, how we are not to look like unfortunate people when we go without. I needed to be reminded again how I seek you in all things that I do, that through my quietness I do your bidding. You have shown me that when I give it's from my heart and not for the sake of show. You have shown me that when I pray it is for you and you alone. You have taught me that when I sacrifice it is also for you and you alone that I do this for, and no one need know that I go without. I've done this all my life and I am here with you in the room I have always kept for you and you alone. The room of my heart.

Should my revealing of my life with you Father be displeasing then I will humbly beg forgiveness. For it is in this closeness of life with you that I share with others so they too may also have a share of you. Because it is your love for us, that urges me to bring more hearts to you. How will they ever know of the great love you have for us unless they see it, too.

Then maybe when people receive you in Communion, they too will want to spread their arms wide to let the love in their hearts shower the world with joy.

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