Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Garden

Tonight I wait with you in the garden, where you pour your heart out to our Father. Spending these moments with you in the hour you need me most is my joy, nothing is too much for you. I cry with you, for what you are doing for the sake of the world. How frightened you are, that you sweat blood, just so we may be free. Dear Jesus, I offer to take your place so you will not suffer for my benefit. Selfish person that I am, I do not want to see any harm come to you or for you to suffer the pains humanity inflicts. My God, soon they will come to take you away, and do the most horrendous acts upon you, and I am helpless to take your place. Is this love then Lord, that I would willingly go in your place, just as you are doing this for me. Recordare (remember) I am with you always, for you have embedded yourself within my heart. Tonight as the world sleeps, I am with you in the garden.

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