Thursday, April 13, 2006

His Supper

Tonight as I attend class, it will not be hard for me to concentrate on school and Our Lord's Supper. As I will be in thought with many who will participate in tonight's celebration. One of the joys of loving God is the ability to participate with all my heart. I think this is what Jesus teaches us to do, to be a part of him always. Tonight many will witness this act of love, please when we go and celebrate this evening, put our thoughts on a moment in time, as if we were there, and witness this gift of selfless love. When the feet are washed imagine Jesus humbly washing ours out of love for us. When we partake of his bread, imagine the life he is about to give, all for love of us, so that we may know the pulse that beats in a small wafer, the source of life. When we partake of the wine, think of him on this evening and the cup of love that overflows to renew us. Tonight as we listen, let Jesus show us his love in the Gospel, that was left for us to know the truth of his love.

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