Wednesday, May 10, 2006

He Came as Light

I came into the world as light, so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness. John 12:46

The whole mystery of how Jesus was conceived should indicated what and from whom he came from. The Holy Spirit covered her, he is light. Upon the night of his birth, a light signaling his birth appeared. Many miracles were performed that no mere man could do without light from God. Jesus underwent torture no man could survive. Then we come to his resurrection, where again we witness his light. And for this we know that through Jesus we will no longer be in darkness.

We have so very much today to keep us in darkness, it's a shame that many turn away from this beautiful gift of God. The gift of his Son. We have so many things that bring light to our life such as lamps lit by electricity, or flashlights lit by battery power. Then we have kerosene lamps, oil lamps, candles. All these are external. What Jesus gives is internal light, a light from within. This is a perpetual light, that is only extinguished when we shut it off, deliberately. When we do that we condemn ourselves. That is when we remove ourselves from God completely.

Jesus wants us to live in him to have light eternal, where the flames never go out. His light is quite beautiful, there is nothing to ever fear living within the light of God's love.

I thank you Jesus for coming into this world as light, a light that burns constant for love for us. So we may live in the way of your truth, your way and your life. God Bless you Jesus for gracing us with an everlasting love.

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